What is General Obligation Bond D?

If approved by voters in November, $25 million is planned for agricultural modernization and educational facilities at the Las Cruces campus.  These modern facilities will lift NMSU, New Mexico’s agriculture and related industries, to higher levels because they will provide faculty and students with better tools and technology.

How will NMSU use the Bond D funds?

Agriculture and food processing are an important part of New Mexico’s economy, accounting for about $4 million in sales. NMSU is poised to be an international leader in food protection initiatives to promote food safety in New Mexico and the region.

Additional benefits include enhanced safety for students, employees and animals and encouraging student involvement in research.

GOB D also includes a total of $6.2 million in infrastructure upgrades, renovations and construction for Dona Ana Community College, NMSU Alamogordo, NMSU Carlsbad and NMSU Grants.

2016NMBondC-Notax-buttonWill my property taxes go up if GO Bond D is passed?

No, you will NOT see an increase in your property taxes.

Why does the Agricultural Modernization & Educational Facilities need renovation?

After generations of use, many of our agricultural facilities are growing old and in need of repair. Should the voters approve this General Obligation Bond, NMSU will not only be able to improve these facilities, but also add new dimensions to our research, including food safety and security.  By providing an in-state option to process New Mexico agricultural products, this facility can help grow our economy.


Who will benefit most from passage of GO Bond D?

Everyone with a stake in New Mexico’s future.

The renovation and construction of facilities throughout the state acts as an economic boom for affected communities, large and small.  These improvement projects employ architects, engineers, planners and construction workers who spend money and provide needed revenue for small businesses in New Mexico.  Agriculture and food processing industries generated nearly $11 billion and 51,000 jobs for the New Mexico economy, according to a recent study.

GO Bond D supports higher education and New Mexico’s students.  Improved facilities increase student recruitment, retention and their success.

What other bonds are on the ballot that will make a difference at NMSU?

GO Bond B includes more than $12 million for eligible academic libraries statewide, including those in the NMSU system.  Look for the bond items on the BACK of the ballot!

Dates to Remember

October 28 – Last day to register (or re-register)

October 9 thru November 2  – Absentee Voting

October 9 thru November 3 – Early in-person voting

November 6 – Election Day