What is General Obligation Bond C?

If approved by voters, GOB C will fund capital improvements of classrooms, labs and other learning spaces at New Mexico’s universities. It will provide $27.5 million for capital outlay projects for the NMSU system, and over $131 million for aging buildings at universities and colleges across the state.  The funding can NOT be used for anything other than the buildings specified in law (Senate Bill 122).

How will NMSU use the Bond C funds?

GO Bond C includes $22.5 million for the renovation and construction of D.W. Williams Hall, which houses the NMSU Department of Art and the University Art Gallery.  More than $800,000 in PRIVATE FUNDS have also been raised for the project.

GOB C also includes infrastructure replacement and upgrades at NMSU’s community colleges: $1 million for NMSU Alamogordo, $1 million for NMSU Carlsbad, $1.5 million for Doña Ana Community College and $1.5 million for NMSU Grants.

2016NMBondC-Notax-buttonWill my property taxes go up if GO Bond C is passed?

No, you will NOT see an increase in your property taxes.

Why does D.W. Williams Hall need renovation?Williams%20Hall2

Williams Hall was originally built as a gymnasium in 1938.  It was converted to house the Department of Art in 1972, but is aging and does not have the adequate space for teaching, the University Art Gallery, or storage.  A 2012 study revealed the building has about half the usable square footage necessary to accommodate its current programs, an issue that limits enrollment growth.  GO Bond C will improve learning spaces and provide a home for the University Art Gallery, which has about 10,000 visitors every year and draws national international prominence to Doña Ana County.  More than $800,000 in private funds have already been raised for the renovation of the building.

Click here to watch a video about why Williams Hall is in need of renovation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnHdrcinAtc&feature=youtu.be

Who will benefit most from passage of GO Bond C?

gob-picturesEveryone with a stake in New Mexico’s future.  According to a 2014 report commissioned by the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, the arts and culture industry CONTRIBUTES $5.6 BILLION DOLLARS a year to the state’s economy.

The renovation and construction of facilities throughout the state acts as an economic boom for affected communities, large and small.  These improvement projects employ architects, engineers, planners and construction workers who spend money and provide needed revenue for small businesses in New Mexico.  It is estimated that if passed, GOB C will create approximately 1,350 new jobs.

GO Bond C supports higher education and New Mexico’s students.  Improved facilities increase student recruitment, retention and their success.

What other bonds are on the ballot that will make a difference at NMSU?

GO Bond B includes $3.25 million for academic libraries statewide, including those in the NMSU system.  Look for the bond items on the BACK of the ballot!

Dates to Remember

October 11 – Last day to register (or re-register)

October 11 thru November 8  – Absentee Voting

October 22 thru November 5 – Early in-person voting

November 8 – Election Day

Hardman Jacobs 1 hardmand Jacob 4 Hardman Jacobs 2










In 2012 Voters approved funding to renovate Hardman Jacobs Hall at NMSU.  Now students at NMSU are learning in a new building that has new technology and contemporary learning spaces!


Jett hall banner

Jett Hall, with funding approved by voters in 2014, is undergoing a transformation!  The building houses the Departments of Chemical and Materials, and Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.