Modernization of Agricultural and Educational Facilities

Some of the facilities at the College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences are aging and need to be modernized to fit today’s needs of student learning and research.  Improved facilities will provide students and faculty with tools, technology, and modern learning spaces. In these facilities, students will learn about and be trained on the needs of the agricultural and food processing industry.

The current feed manufacturing facility is 60-years-old.  An improved space is needed for students conducting research to investigate new feed blends for animals.  Important research from different colleges across campus on health-related issues such as cancer, mosquito-borne viruses, diabetes are being conducted at NMSU, and a facility to place them under one roof in modern labs will help further research.  Food science and safety is a growing industry in which a facility will be able to train for exciting new careers in this field, and also support producers by creating value-added foodstuffs to increase profitability.